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Founder, owner and designer Harry Wynberg Jr. established Signature Landscape Ltd in 1998 with a staff of approximately ten technicians and a small fleet. Today, several years later Signature Landscape Ltd . is among the largest landscaping companies in the region, it employs close to forty highly skilled technicians and has a large fleet of equipment to perform a wide variety of work. This catapulted success is due to our belief that customer satisfaction is the most important factor in delivering any type of service and why Signature Landscape Ltd . is truly

A Cut Above The Rest

Our Team

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Harry Wynberg Jr, is the president, lead designer and estimater. Harry has been involved in the industry for approximately 40 years and also has a vast knowledge of the construction industry. Harry has earned the reputation of being a leading expert in the landscaping field and has helped thousands of clients with their landscaping needs.

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Harry Wynberg Jr, President
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Roberta Leblanc is the office manager and has been with the organization for many years. If you have dealt with Signature Landscape Ltd in the past chances are you have communicated with Roberta at some point.

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Roberta Leblanc, Administrator
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Gaetan Allain, Crew Leader

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Joe Wynberg, is the general manager, estimator and designer. As a third generation landscaper Joe has been brought up in the industry and has 15 years of industry experience. Joe has completed programs in business administration (Eastern College) and landscape design (University of Guelph). Joe is Landscape Industry Certified as a technician, a manager and is a licensed Horticulturist through the province of NB.

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Joe Wynberg, General Manager
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John Leygraaf, Crew Leader

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"Two Time Winner at NB Awards of Landscape Exellence"

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From planting a single shrub to planting an Olympic size swimming pool, Signature Landscape Ltd is capable and qualified to perform any task on your landscape. We think of ourselves as the one stop shop for all of your landscaping needs. Signature Landscape Ltd. strives to exceed your expectations by always maintaining a high standard of quality and not leaving until you are 100% satisfied with the work that has been performed. We also believe in keeping up to date with new trends and products, so that we are able to offer you the best quality and most original landscapes possible. Signature Landscape Ltd. is stocked with a highly experienced and certifiably trained staff to ensure you are truly getting professional work and advice. We have listed all of our services on this page so that you can view some examples and the benefits these services could add to your landscape
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Signature Landscape Ltd does not only operate through the summer months but year round by providing our clients with snow removal services. We understand the hazards that accompany winter weather which is why we maintain our same standard of quality by making sure we remove any potential threats. Our fleet contains all sizes of equipment, from a payloader right down to a manual shoveler. Whether it is just a thin layer of ice or a blizzard, we are equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature throws in our direction. When your business opens in the morning you can be sure your parking lot will be too!
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A landscape to a home or business should be considered as an investment to the property. Without the proper care and maintenance of this investment the benefits will gradually diminish over time. With the proper maintenance program, however, the initial investment will actually increase in value because the landscape will mature in a healthy, lush and beautiful way.
The programs we offer all contain a high standard of quality by using sound maintenance practices to ensure the optimum health of turf and plants. Our ultimate goal is to provide a service that your only duty will be to enjoy the beauty of your landscape with no other worries. We trained our staff to always be aware of even the smallest of details; this has proven to be the differentiating factor between our service and the service of our competitors. In addition to our yearly programs, we also offer one time services which include:
  • Annual flower installations
  • Property clean-ups
  • Prunning
  • Edging and mulching